Ủy Ban Bảo Vệ Nhà Báo Vận Động Trả Tự Do Nguyễn Văn Hải Trong Ngày Tự Do Báo Chí Thế Giới

SOURCE: Committee to Protect JournalistsrnrnTen journalists to free from prisonrnrnOn World Press Freedom Day, rnrnCPJ calls for the release of all jailed journalistsrnrnhttps://www.cpj.org/reports/2014/04/ten-journalists-to-free-from-prison.phprnrnBy Shazdeh Omari/CPJ News EditorrnrnNew York, April 29, 2014rn


rn10. Nguyen Van Hai (Dieu Cay), VietnamrnFree Journalists Network of VietnamrnFree Journalists Network of VietnamrnAffiliation: FreelancernPrison term: 12 years rnCharges: Anti-staternHeld at: Thanh Chuong District Prison No. 6rnrnNguyen Van Hai, a Vietnamese blogger who is better known by his penname Dieu Cay, could barely walk and talk and was hardly recognizable to his family during their five-minute prison visit in July 2013. The blogger has waged at least two hunger strikes to protest prison treatment and was placed in solitary confinement when he refused to sign a confession for the anti-state offenses on which he was convicted. Dieu Cay is serving 12 years in prison for “conducting propaganda,” a term given to him in 2010 after he finished serving a 2.5-year jail sentence for tax evasion. Rights groups including CPJ believe the charges against the blogger are in connection with his blog, Dieu Cay, which frequently touched on politically sensitive issues, including government corruption and national protests against China. In 2013, CPJ started a petition advocating for his release, which was signed by more than 10,000 people, and honored him with its 2013 International Press Freedom Award.rnrnTwo years ago, on World Press Freedom Day in 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the imprisonment of journalists around the world, and said, “We must not forget others like blogger Dieu Cay.”rnrnKey fact: Online journalists accounted for half of the 211 journalists imprisoned around the world.rnrnKey works:rnrnHai’s original website has been shut down, but material is reposted at Dieu Cay.rnThe site he co-founded, Free Journalists Club, has been shut down, but material is reposted here.rnThe journalist’s family recently gave CPJ an account of a prison visit with Hai.rnTake action:rnrnUse the hashtags #FreeThePress and #FreeDieuCay.rnrnCall on Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang on Twitter and Facebook to free Hai.rnrnhttps://twitter.com/truongtansang1rnrnhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Truongtansangvietnam/529457367166867rnrnrnWatch a video about Hai by his son.rnhttps://www.cpj.org/awards/2013/nguyen-van-hai-vietnam.php

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