Green Benevolent Planet Vận Động Tuyển Dụng Trên Toàn Thế Giới Cho 7.000 “Đại Sứ Thiện Chí” Dịch Vụ Công Cộng ở Quảng Trường Times của New York

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Green Benevolent Planet Launches Worldwide Recruitment Drive for 7,000 Public Service “Goodwill Ambassadors” in New York’s Times Square

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — On January 6, an announcement seeking “goodwill ambassadors” who wish to engage in public service that leads to the betterment of mankind debuted in New York’s Times Square and received worldwide attention immediately. The announcement is a global call out to our planet’s “new citizens” organized by Green Benevolent Planet (, an organization dedicated to the transformation of our planet into a better place for every member of the human race. The message contained in the announcement is directed to all individuals who are willing to devote themselves to this charitable cause and achieve the dream where every person on our planet is environmentally responsible and dedicated to making our planet a better place to live, not only for themselves but for their fellow man, whomever and wherever he or she may be.

This is the first time that Green Benevolent Planet has used New York’s Times Square as a venue for advertising the recruitment drive. The world-renowned cultural landmark and business center is visited by more than 40 million tourists and crossed by more than 100 million pedestrians annually. The presence of the organization’s announcement on the screens above the square demonstrated Green Benevolent Planet’s commitment to making a difference.

The organization initiated the recruitment drive in China and plans to expand the drive worldwide in phases. With this phase, Green Benevolent Planet aims to recruit the first batch of 7,000 global goodwill ambassadors, including public sector influencers invited by the organization as well as volunteers from around the world who are supportive of the cause. The first batch of these “planetary citizens” will take the lead in learning and experiencing the “Green Benevolent” model and shoulder the responsibility for promoting the organization’s message and recruiting more such citizens in their respective countries.

Green Benevolent Planet, an organization founded with the mission of bringing together all advocates and supporters of environmental responsibility and of the protection of the environment, is a new ecosystem combining business with the public interest, the physical world with the virtual, while unifying both online and offline communities. Green Benevolent Planet allows either individuals or companies to make their contribution for the betterment of mankind via the “Green Benevolent” model. During the process, Green Benevolent Planet will provide these “planetary citizens” with cutting-edge technologies including the latest advancements in virtual reality (VR), assisting them in creating and executing public welfare initiatives that leverage online tools and technologies to stage both online and offline events, based on a methodology that leverages online tools and technologies to maximize the effectiveness of the initiative.

The “Green Benevolent” model relies on the sense of civic duty that resides in every human being and applies that sense to the protection of the planet we all live on. The model acts as the primary guide for all “planetary citizens”. The new ecosystem is committed to encouraging people to get involved in events that contribute to the public good. It is also a model of a new life style being promoted by Yan Tao, concurrently president of the Beijing Green Dream Public Welfare Foundation, president of Lvmengya Public Welfare Society and chairman of Lvshang Investment Group, as well as by other leaders with a similar vision. Green Benevolent Planet aims to create a new global culture based on the goodness that is resident in every human being and on the environmental protection of our planet.

The announcement in New York’s Times Square serves as the official notice of the organization’s existence and its readiness to serve the public good. Everyone on planet Earth is invited to join the ecosystem by taking part in a training at Green Dream Camp, a special facility created for this purpose, where the student will learn the principles behind the ecosystem as well as become proficient in the various cooperation models. Upon completion of the training, they will become a formal resident and receive a qualifying certification. They can also communicate and exchange ideas with other residents of Green Benevolent Planet with the goal of creating their own “space”, collectively forming a powerful force for the benefit of the public interest worldwide.

Once upon a time, you might have never given a second thought to giving your mother a warm hug, to helping an older person cross the street or to rescuing a wounded animal. However, on Green Benevolent Planet, even the smallest act of kindness is regarded as something important and that has value and significance. Big Data technology will be deployed to collect the information on each person’s good deeds, and add them into their personal account as quantitative data points. These points can be exchanged for services and goods or to realize the account holder’s personal dreams, creating, in effect, a benign cycle of Green Benevolent ecology. You might already be of the opinion that we have reached a time on our planet where it has become an extravagant hope to have access to food that is safe to eat, drink water that is free of pollution, breathe fresh air, and lead a life that is not only environmentally responsible but also environmentally satisfying. If this is already your mind set, then, now, more than ever, is the time to take action, by joining the Green Benevolent Planet program. Through the program we expect to build a global village bound by a sense of mutual trust, where all inhabitants live together in harmony and share a common dream for a better and environmentally responsible society, and where its members coexist and interact through mutual acts of kindness, both big and small. The society that binds the inhabitants together is based on the search for truth rather than the accumulation of money, through good will and understanding rather than brutality and violence, and through the development of and adherence to a set of principles that have intrinsic value rather than a superficial message, despite the boundaries of language, race and skin color.

Yuri Gagarin, the world’s first astronaut and the first person to circle the earth above the stratosphere, said: “Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and enhance this beauty, rather than destroy it!” Green Benevolent Planet is not only the birthplace and habitat of Green Benevolent culture, but also an expansive stage for exchanges between Chinese civilization and the other civilizations of the world. It is also an exploration into building a community that seeks to set a new direction for human destiny, and a Green Benevolent home where the goodness that resides in the heart of every individual is brought to the fore. This “home” is the place that every human being dreams of. Bearing the Green Benevolent concept in mind, we hope people all over the world will join hands to build a Green Benevolent Planet and open the door to what it means to lead a Green and Benevolent life.

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